Any full time parent deserves a break once and awhile and to likes to be shown that they are appreciated for all the hard work and stuff they put up with on a daily basis. Whether you need some inspiration of what you can buy a certain Dad, or you are going to hint at things that you want to you ’other half’ until they finally get the message, here are some ideas for you. Dads are not complicated creatures, nor do they need a lot to make them happy, so here are some ideas of how to treat that ’special big kid’ in your family. Whether it is a special occasion, or they have just been putting up with a lot lately, do you really need a reason to give a Dad a present? Read on to find out how to make a Dad happy, or lull him into a false sense of security so you can get up to all kinds of mischief. Here it goes…

Peace and Quiet

If you have a household with young children, often late at night is the only time this will ever happen. Peace and quiet is a rare thing, a bit like a unicorn, when it finally appears you are usually to astonished to fully enjoy it. A great present for any dad would be some peace and quiet, maybe throw his favourite food at him and shut him away with the games console. This is bound to be a great present.


Something Without Stains

If you have a young family then chances are most of your clothes have ’some kind’ of stains on them. Some of the stains you don’t know what they are, and others you’re pretty sure you don’t want to know. Why not treat the Dad of the household to something that isn’t stained? This could be anything from some new Polos, or perhaps even a new jacket. Having something without stains is the perfect gift to remind him that he is both a human being, and he can look good when he wants to.

Beard Trimming Gear

Beard trimming gear is a great gift to both make the Dad of the household feel proud about the way he looks, and give a him a pretty stylish look too, (if he can grow one of course). This might even be a gift that everyone can benefit from. Get some beard trimmers so he can achieve exactly the facial hair he wants. No doubt there will be much negotiation about what style is best, from smooth all over to Gandalf, the beardy world of facial hair is now your oyster!


Here are just a few ideas of what Dad might like as a present. This can be anything from some down time, to show you are thinking of him, to a stylish gift. Don’t be afraid to get creative. An hour of back and foot rubs (or a god back scratch!!), or even some bottles of beer would all go down well too.


This is a collaborative post*