Christmas gifts

What is the funniest/strangest thing your kid has asked Santa for?

So, I had so much fun collating the ‘worst Christmas present you’ve ever received post‘ that I decided to ask the t’interwebs what the funniest/strangest thing their kid ever asked Santa for?

‘Twas a month before Christmas

  With the vomiting bug, we’ve all been knocked for 6 and no blog work has been done ☹️. So disregard the fact it’s actually December and take ‘a trip back in time’ to when I started this modern take on… Continue Reading →

Whats the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

There is nothing worse that giving or getting a crappy Christmas present is there? Whether you’ve forgotten someone and had to do some last minute gift purchase in a poorly stocked chemist (or worse still a 24 hour garage on Christmas day!!) or you’ve bought that ‘perfect gift’ and as the big ‘exchange moment’ draws ever closer you realise this isn’t going to go down well. So it begs the question…..

Whats the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? 

What parents really want (and don’t want) for Christmas

What parents want A ‘real’ gift guide: Sleep (Imagine if I had an affiliate link for this!!). A child-free hangover (Actually, no hangover at all, just the night out without the feeling of dehydrated death that follows). try adding kids to… Continue Reading →

Bloggers and Christmas

I’m a f**kin’ Scrooge. (No, not really). I love Christmas. But Christmas is ‘at Christmas‘.   Early Xmas makes me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!! 😡 I wrote a post last year about putting up your tree,… Continue Reading →

Witchhunt for Witchhunter

An 86-year-old woman murdered in a “targeted” fire attack on her unique ‘candy home’ last Saturday has been named by the Enchanted Forest Police

Ima Notawitch (known locally as ‘the witch’) was killed during the dawn blaze at her property in the centre of the Enchanted forest. This ‘colourful character’ ‘mysteriously appeared’ in the area in recent times and proceeded to painstakingly construct a home from gingerbread and other candy based materials in the hope of finding favour with the locals, mainly working class fairytale folk. 

Breaking and Entering, suspect at large

Detectives in the Enchanted Forest area of Far Far Away are asking for the public’s help in identifying and apprehending a suspect in a recent breaking-and-entering incident. A short golden haired suspect is still at large.

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