I STARTed in November

Just before Christmas, I participated in the START campaign from @safefood_eu #makeastart much to the amusement of my wife. You see I’m not a typical ‘healthy person’, I don’t have an Instagram account devoted strictly to avocados or squats (I’m… Continue Reading →

START: Parenting is tough. You are tougher #sponsored post

I’m not the healthiest of humans. My wife (the Bear) often advises people she has 3 kids (a little boy, a ‘littler’ girl and big round old ‘man child’ she unfortunately  married some time ago). In fact, when I advised her I was doing this she said, “That sounds great, are they sure ‘you’re’ the right person to advise people?”, while lifting her eyebrow in that ‘you know what I mean Kebab man’ kinda way.

The perils of growing a mo as a ginger/’strawberry blonde’ man

Daddy P charts the growth (or non growth) of his #movember mo. From its humble beginnings as ginger stubble to its current state as a ginger lip caterpillar. …..Will it blossom into a wonderful butterfly? 

As usual there’s plenty of gags and waffle but this is a very serious subject matter and I’d love if you could spare a few euros/pounds/dollars and donate to the Movember foundation to help men from dying too young.

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