Pontypandy: ‘Priced’ out of the market

Welsh town of Pontypandy decreases its annual safety spend by 678% After years of huge insurance premiums and counting the cost of ’emergency services call out charges’ the people of the small welsh village of Pontypandy decided they’d had enough…. Continue Reading →

Sob Story Saturday – the ‘Ex Factor’

Does your partner watch TV Singing contests? Ever notice that some contestants make up for their comparative lack of talent with a recently deceased relative story? Or the ‘Ex Factor’ (as I’ve recently decided it’s called). Below is an example… Continue Reading →

Daddy Poppins on TV

Recently I was contacted by RTE (our national broadcaster) asking if I’d like to represent ‘stay at home dads’ on a panel discussion on a program called Rearing to Go, about parental issues.

Kids TV for Adults

Don’t worry I’m not going all educational on you. I’m talking about kids shows so good that you’d watch them without the kids.

So when they’ve bored you to tears with the likes of; Peppa Pig, Tellytubbies, Postman Pat and Paw Patrol you should try wean them onto this list of Daddy Poppins favorite kids shows (for adults). These cartoons will keep both parents and kids interested (with plenty of adult humour that will fly over their heads and give you a good chuckle). I’ve picked these shows from whats currently available on TV before you guys start screaming about your childhood favourite. So without further adieu, let’s list these bad boys.

the ‘will we watch something on Netflix?’ argument

So, I’ve written about TV before and the struggle to watch it as a parent but let’s just pretend that all the planets in the cosmos line up and your nocturnal kids are settled in bed and it’s just you and your partner and the immortal words are spoken

Will we watch something on Netflix?

Now to the uninitiated this idea will sound like heaven; ‘a beautiful moment snuggled up as a couple ‘without kids’ on the couch’ but those of you with a partner with different taste in TV will know that this is the slippery slope into the 7th level of hell. No scratch that this is the descent into ‘argumentative purgatory’

Re watching your favourite kids shows

I told Ben that He man was my favourite program when I was his age and he said he’d like to watch it.

To be honest I was a bit reluctant to show it to him.

Santa Claus had previously brought him a copy of Batman the animated series on DVD (to my mind probably the best cartoon series ever made) and he had poo pooed it. It broke me inside. I couldn’t let him do this to my memories of Prince Adam and Cringer (and their alter egos, of course), Mer man, Skeletor, Beast man, Man at arms, Orko……

Or could I……

Please Stop talking I’m watching TV

Firstly lets start with a disclaimer*, my wife is great. She’s extremely intelligent. She reads and comprehends text books and concepts in her job that I wouldn’t even start trying to understand and when she sets her mind to something she is extremely attentive and driven.

But, once a TV is on these normal characteristics go out the window (She becomes a plot questioning fidget monster).

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