Should you go on holiday with the kids

We’re right in the middle of the ‘depressing months’, you know the ones. Christmas is over and you’ve had enough of the cold weather, warm fires and layered clothing (that you all seemed to want six months ago, ahem). We’re… Continue Reading →

Pontypandy: ‘Priced’ out of the market

Welsh town of Pontypandy decreases its annual safety spend by 678% After years of huge insurance premiums and counting the cost of ’emergency services call out charges’ the people of the small welsh village of Pontypandy decided they’d had enough…. Continue Reading →

Canadians are weird

Sorry about the clickbait title, here’s a conversation I had with the little nan: 7yo: We had pancakes in school and I liked their maple syrup. It didn’t have that horrible aftertaste Me: It was probably golden syrup. It tastes… Continue Reading →

The Best Presents a Dad Can Ask For

Any full time parent deserves a break once and awhile and to likes to be shown that they are appreciated for all the hard work and stuff they put up with on a daily basis. Whether you need some inspiration… Continue Reading →

The School drop off – narrated by David Attenborough.

The legend, Sir David Attenbourgh, he won’t be with us much longer, guys. (Sorry, I have to say it). Appreciate him and his documentaries while you can. He’s an institution. I remember sitting beside my dad watching his shows as… Continue Reading →

A-Z of Parenting

So you’ve decided to become a parent? What do you need to know? Well, regular readers will know I usually cut to the chase. I’m not a ‘word mincer’, I’m not going to pretend it will be a string of… Continue Reading →

I STARTed in November

Just before Christmas, I participated in the START campaign from @safefood_eu #makeastart much to the amusement of my wife. You see I’m not a typical ‘healthy person’, I don’t have an Instagram account devoted strictly to avocados or squats (I’m… Continue Reading →

The unwritten rules of Christmas

At this time of year you’ll hear all about people’s family traditions and see lists upon lists of people’s ‘favourite Christmas this’ and ‘favourite Christmas that’ but what about the things that aren’t traditional or typically anyone’s favourite? You know what I’m talking about… the stuff that happens nearly every year but doesn’t get it’s place of prominence in the build up to the big day (and probably for good reason).

 So with that in mind, Daddy Poppins brings you the (previously) unwritten rules of Christmas….

Scalextric Touring Car Battle #review

I hate ‘bog standard reviews’, you know the kind: I love [insert product name] I think everything about it is [great/fantastic/an income stream*], my kids loved it (even though they didn’t bother take it out of the box/refused to be photographed… Continue Reading →

brush-baby – dental products review

When I get approached by a company to review a product my first questions are usually: 1. Is it something we need? 2. Does it fit with my brand? (yes, I think Daddy Poppins is a brand, don’t worry this… Continue Reading →

Illumibowl – Review and Giveaway

So Daddy Poppins is mid school run; the sink is full of dishes, the breakfast is in full flow, the dog is going ballistic at the the patio door window at some birds in the back garden and Daddy Poppins is regretting his late night gaming and craft beer session with every second that passes. Then a shriek from upstairs cuts through the breakfast melee….

The Bear: I’ll kill you!!

Daddy Poppins: (pauses think ‘what did I do?’) What?

The Bear: I just sat in pee!!

Daddy Poppins: (*kind of remembers stumbling round in the dark last night trying to find the toilet and ‘letting fly’ in hope, waiting to hear the porcelain or water sound rather than feel the splash of warm liquid in his shins) Your own pee or someone else’s? (He bravely ventures)

Fenor Playground Waterford Review

I took some snaps and video footage of Fenor playground awhile ago, you can tell its awhile ago because: I’m wearing a coat I don’t have big black rings under my eyes Its obviously cold because we’re the only ones… Continue Reading →

Women’s shoes – a conversation

The Bear: what do you think of these? Me: Do they hurt your feet? The Bear: I’m not asking that. Me: OK, but do they? The Bear: Just answer the question. Me: My answer is dependant on their comfort level…. Continue Reading →

When did you turn into your mother?

I recently wrote a post about how I had turned into my mother and received a great response from it. Apparently we’ve all turned into our parents at some stage in the past (if you haven’t don’t worry, or actually do worry, there’s still time).

Most of us seem to have come to the same conclusion over a phrase that we heard in the past being uttered by ourselves, so I put it out there to the parent blogger community and this is what they had to say….

Daddy Poppins asks…… ‘When did you know you had turned into your mother/father?’


10 for 10 Blogger award

I have been nominated for the 10 for 10 blogger award by One Hull of a Mum, One Hull of a Dad (yes, they ganged up on me) and Lycrawidow.  If you click on their names you will be transported magically via the wonder of t’interwebs to their posts for 10 for 10. Look I’m sure this is just a tag they’ve stuck the word ‘award’ on to make you feel special and actually do it. Other words wheres my trophy eh?

They call it 10 for 10 because you ask 10 people to name 10 celebrities/famous people that they would like to get Jiggy with or invite to dinner.

Easter at Rathwood

We were asked to go on the Rathwood Easter Train and let you fine people know what we thought (* We were provided with free tickets for review purposes). It is egg-sactly the kind of thing we had planned for the midterm and so didn’t take me long to say yes, especially as it combines 3 of my favourite things; family fun days, chocolate and really really bad Easter puns. I was egg-static to be going, especially as I didn’t have to shell out for the tickets.   

So, we hatched a plan to go on the first Monday of the midterm and we got up that morning all egg-cited. I’m not yolking! We hopped in the car off we went, haring down the motorway. It’s only just over an hour from our home in Kilmeaden, County Waterford to Rathwood, on the Wicklow/Carlow border. We were meeting cousins there, they travelled from just outside Wexford town and it took them egg-sactly an hour to arrive.

Baby Harness or Dog Leash?

My wife (the Bear), handed me what can only be described as a pink dog leash the other day that she’d found while cleaning out somewhere around the house. (Now we have pink dog leashes in the house so I was puzzled as to why I was handed it as we weren’t going out or anything at the time).

“Would you use that?”, she said inquisitively

‘Huh? it’s a dog leash, that I’ve used before’, I thought, ‘Why would she be asking me this?’

So, I took a second look at it….

This wasn’t the dog leash, it’s some kind of harness.

There before me was a baby harness!!

Have your cake and eat it too: bakerdays letterbox cake review

Did you know that you can get cake delivered? I mean actually delivered, right through your letterbox. Waiting for you or whoever you’ve ordered it for when they arrive home from work.

Daddy Poppins was contacted by and asked to review a letterbox cake. What would you do if someone offered you free cake? I said yes…. this is what happened the day the cake arrived.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters PlayStation 4 review by the little man

This month on PlayStation Plus The Deadly Tower of Monsters is free. Daddy Poppins and the little man sat down and tried it out. “If you are a B Movie fan or grew up playing baldurs gate or golden axe (a hack… Continue Reading →

Resident Evil for Playstation 4 – One for the Dads

Calling all Dads. Calling all Dads. Did you know that this month one of the free games on PlayStation plus is Resident Evil? It was one of the first games I played on PlayStation 1 (after Tekken, of course) and… Continue Reading →

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