Police’s Worldwide Warning:

The world sleeps with one eye open tonight, gripped by fear. The fear that once again an unknown individual or individuals will enter homes across the globe as you sleep. We send our roving reporter, Holly Bow out and about to ask what you thought…


“It’s like they see you when you are sleeping and know when your awake”, commented Terry Fied.

‘Twas a month before Christmas

  With the vomiting bug, we’ve all been knocked for 6 and no blog work has been done ☹️. So disregard the fact it’s actually December and take ‘a trip back in time’ to when I started this modern take on… Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned from watching Boss Baby (repetitively)

What I’ve learned from watching Boss Baby 3 times a day for a over a month..

  • My second child went to baby business school too 
  • My little Boss Baby loves Boss Baby
  • It might be repetitive but it gives you an hour to get shit done
  • If you watch too much Boss Baby you will ponder the correlation between the cuteness of babies and dogs
  • You’ll get tired of Boss Bay before your child will

Re watching your favourite kids shows

I told Ben that He man was my favourite program when I was his age and he said he’d like to watch it.

To be honest I was a bit reluctant to show it to him.

Santa Claus had previously brought him a copy of Batman the animated series on DVD (to my mind probably the best cartoon series ever made) and he had poo pooed it. It broke me inside. I couldn’t let him do this to my memories of Prince Adam and Cringer (and their alter egos, of course), Mer man, Skeletor, Beast man, Man at arms, Orko……

Or could I……


The gym membership expired and wasn’t renewed. I was grazing on all kinds of foods (and drinks). Since becoming a stay at home dad in September the road back to Dadbod has accelerated. I could feel the waistbands ‘re-tightening‘ and was back to the days of having choose specific pairs of jeans from my wardrobe depending on the activity or event.

“Will I be sitting or standing at this event?”


“Can’t use those jeans then”

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