Miss-sold PPI: the ‘Perceived Parenting Ideology’?

The issue of mis-sold Perceived Parenthood Ideology or PPI was very widespread in the western world.

It came to light aroud 2011 that groups of ‘parental influencers’ (commonly referred to as ‘they’) in both Ireland and the UK had been pushing PPI to people who had ‘no need for it’ or ‘could not benefit from it’.


Baby Harness or Dog Leash?

My wife (the Bear), handed me what can only be described as a pink dog leash the other day that she’d found while cleaning out somewhere around the house. (Now we have pink dog leashes in the house so I was puzzled as to why I was handed it as we weren’t going out or anything at the time).

“Would you use that?”, she said inquisitively

‘Huh? it’s a dog leash, that I’ve used before’, I thought, ‘Why would she be asking me this?’

So, I took a second look at it….

This wasn’t the dog leash, it’s some kind of harness.

There before me was a baby harness!!

Have your cake and eat it too: bakerdays letterbox cake review

Did you know that you can get cake delivered? I mean actually delivered, right through your letterbox. Waiting for you or whoever you’ve ordered it for when they arrive home from work.

Daddy Poppins was contacted by www.bakerdays.com and asked to review a letterbox cake. What would you do if someone offered you free cake? I said yes…. this is what happened the day the cake arrived.

Blog 5: Karmas a B***h (How to spot CDO)

So I was just sitting there minding my own business, observing the Friday night ritual known as ‘wine o’clock’ between the Bear and an (as yet unnamed) neighbour. Then…. they got round to the subject of my blog.

Bear: I usually don’t know what he’s put up until one of the girls in my office tells me. Then I have to go and check what he’s said this week.

(quick glance in my direction)

Bear: One of the girls said they loved the blog but…..’He makes ya out to be some wagon?’

Daddy: Makes ya out?…..ha!

(not sure if I thought that or said it out loud, shit they’re looking over, time to slink back into ‘observation mode’… like a tortoise retreating into the sanctuary of his shell)

Bear: Sure look at him, sitting there on his phone probably taking notes. Ya can’t say nothing anymore.

(I splutter out an involuntary chuckle, as that’s exactly what I’m doing)

Bear: This better not go in your blog!!

Daddy: Hahahaha, I promise

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