A-Z of Parenting

So you’ve decided to become a parent? What do you need to know? Well, regular readers will know I usually cut to the chase. I’m not a ‘word mincer’, I’m not going to pretend it will be a string of… Continue Reading →

Incredibly annoying and time consuming 100 questions tag

#100questionstag Did you ever watch ‘The Ring’? You know the one; watch a specific VHS tape and soon you’ll die, a scary girl down a well (who really needs a clip to keep the hair out of her eyes), can… Continue Reading →

Miss-sold PPI: the ‘Perceived Parenting Ideology’?

The issue of mis-sold Perceived Parenthood Ideology or PPI was very widespread in the western world.

It came to light aroud 2011 that groups of ‘parental influencers’ (commonly referred to as ‘they’) in both Ireland and the UK had been pushing PPI to people who had ‘no need for it’ or ‘could not benefit from it’.


What I’ve learned in my first year as a stay at home dad

4 months after I became Daddy Poppins, I wrote a blog on what I’d learned so far. So now over a year in I’ve decided to update that list ..,, here goes ….  

Pros and Cons of Tenerife’s Black Sand Beaches

  Cons: They hold the heat, so it burns the shit out of your feet You need to tiptoe around in flip flops (don’t get me started on flip-flops) It looks like you are on a construction site You feel… Continue Reading →

Women’s shoes – a conversation

The Bear: what do you think of these? Me: Do they hurt your feet? The Bear: I’m not asking that. Me: OK, but do they? The Bear: Just answer the question. Me: My answer is dependant on their comfort level…. Continue Reading →

More Modern Day Nursery Rhymes


Hickory Dickory Dock

600 quid for an Apple watch

Its like a small phone

Like you already own!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Was it better or worse being an 80’s child?

There was a recent tweet that went around asking you to tweet something from your childhood that kids nowadays wouldn’t understand and it got me thinking…..

was it better being a kid in the 80’s or now?

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