What is the funniest/strangest thing your kid has asked Santa for?

So, I had so much fun collating the ‘worst Christmas present you’ve ever received post‘ that I decided to ask the t’interwebs what the funniest/strangest thing their kid ever asked Santa for?

Can you have a relaxing family break?

Today Daddy Poppins poses the question.. can you have a relaxing holiday (or even something resembling an actual ‘holiday’) with your kids in tow.


So we booked a house in Wicklow through Airbnb (our first time ever using them). 4 nights away; me, the Bear, the little man and the little princess.

We arrived around 4pm on Sunday.

“Oh wow. It’s fab!” proclaimed the Bear as we arrived.

The perils of growing a mo as a ginger/’strawberry blonde’ man

Daddy P charts the growth (or non growth) of his #movember mo. From its humble beginnings as ginger stubble to its current state as a ginger lip caterpillar. …..Will it blossom into a wonderful butterfly? 

As usual there’s plenty of gags and waffle but this is a very serious subject matter and I’d love if you could spare a few euros/pounds/dollars and donate to the Movember foundation to help men from dying too young.

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