Whats the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

There is nothing worse that giving or getting a crappy Christmas present is there? Whether you’ve forgotten someone and had to do some last minute gift purchase in a poorly stocked chemist (or worse still a 24 hour garage on Christmas day!!) or you’ve bought that ‘perfect gift’ and as the big ‘exchange moment’ draws ever closer you realise this isn’t going to go down well. So it begs the question…..

Whats the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? 

RockingMotherhood Tag.. Yes, you read that right!

No you did not misread that…. Nicola @Mummy_Wales has nominated me… a Daddy.. for the Rocking Motherhood tag!!

Honestly, at first I thought she just tagged me by mistake, a kind of autocorrect type tag issue and one of her best twitter friends with a similar start to their twitter handle (….let’s call them @DanielleBestMotherEver) is sitting somewhere sobbing into her Cornflakes(/Wine).

Then i dawned on me that she’d done it deliberately… did I have the brass neck to give 10 reason why Daddy Poppins was rocking motherhood? …..

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