Top Tips for Shopping with Kids

I was contacted by Aldi Ireland awhile ago asking me if I’d like to work with them, apparently, they’d been watching my Instastories and knew all about me.

‘So ya know what your getting yourself into then? I can have a bit of craic 😜‘, I thought.

I do all my weekly shops in Aldi and can hand on heart recommend them to anyone (good products, low cost, no fuss, what’s not to like?) so I jumped at the chance (as long as I could ‘Poppins it up‘, of course).

So first up they asked me to tell you guys my top tips for shopping with kids, this is what I came up with:

Daddy Poppins Top Tips for Shopping with Kids

I hope you enjoyed it, I’m going to doing more stuff with them in the future, or I’ve been instantly dropped from their campaigns, one or the other. Only time will tell. 🤣

Do you have any top tips for shopping with kids? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments (or catch me on Insta or Twitter to tell me your thoughts)

Ta Raa for now,

Daddy P.

*Disclaimer: I received a shopping voucher for creating this content but as always I’ll stay true to my beliefs and be honest in everything I do. (Sometimes too honest)

7 thoughts on “Top Tips for Shopping with Kids

  1. Top tips mate!
    Although my wife likes to send me to ALDI with the 2yo, because she has an uncanny knack for knowing when I’m trying to buy something that isn’t on the list. Seriously, the kid yells at me to put it back. Last week she took a packet of crumpets out of my hands and put it back on the shelf for me.

  2. That’s was quite funny. I however do all the shopping at Aldi also. I bring my kids and it is lots of fun.

    1. Aldi is my fave. It depends on the kids humour really. It can be a fun part of the day or a nightmare. Tantrum in aisle 3!!!

  3. I know it is getting much easier now as they get older. I can trust them to go grab some avocados, or organic carrots. Early on, it was a free for all, and left no one happy! What a disaster. #thatfridaylinky xoxo

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