Christmas Gift Guide for Parents

So I’ve covered the kid’s gifts already, but what about us parents? What do we want for Christmas? Yes, yes, I know, sleep. But besides my usual kind of smart answer what should we get for Christmas?

One word… ‘Chocolate’

Everyone loves chocolate, the ideal gift to hide from your kids 😜. Male or Female, chocolate is Boss! Plus you can give it to your partner and its common knowledge you’ll probably get some of it too 😛

I’ve been #gifted some lovely artisan chocolates from Leigh Kelly of Zaeire, an award-winning chocolatier (Gold Star Award from The Guild Of Fine Food at The Great Taste Awards 2016, finalists in The Blas na hEireann Awards 2017 and the silver award winner in The Blas na hEireann Awards 2018) based not far from my home, in Wexford.

Her beautiful, tasty treats are exquisitely packaged and available from her, online or in various outlets throughout the south-east of Ireland. I can highly recommend the one my wife saved for me (and she definitely recommends the rest)

Zaeire's beautiful artisan chocolates
They are scrumptious!!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (available on both PS4 and Xbox One)

If your partner is into gaming and doesn’t already have this title the firstly, WTF!! and secondly, buy it for them. You will be a god!! It’s the best game I’ve played in ages and it’s huge. Another plus point is you won’t have to converse with them again for months. They’ll be open to doing ‘night feeds’ in the hope of staying up to play this beast. You can even get them to do chores and jobs that they really don’t want to touch with the dangling of ‘playing time’ before their needy eyes. An excellent gift and blackmail tool.

red dead redemption 2
and I’ll think I got the best of the deal

and just wait till the online multiplayer goes live they’ll be at your beck and call!!

A Power Bank

Perfect for the likes of me, yes, I’m admitting being addicted to technology to the detriment of social interaction. How many times have you been out and about and suddenly your kids are doing the cutest things but your phone is dead? Well, no more!! This handy device gives power to tablets, phones and all kinds of mobile devices. No more screaming kids complaining about their tablet being dead.

I was #gifted this beauty from Subbytech and I love it. It’s saved my ass on more than one occasion. It’s a huge 20,000 mAh so there’s loads of charging power. A really great gift. and what’s more!! they’re doing free delivery on all UK orders!!

You can pick up this bad boy for only £27.99 by clicking on the picture below

Subbytech power bank Daddy Poppins christmas gift guide
it comes with connections for all kinds of portable devices

Booky Wooky

Who loves photos? We all do. They’re great!

They’re a perfect way to capture a moment or occasion. But…. do you have thousands of photos on your phone that make you smile but will never see the light of day? Well, my mate Ross (yes, the Stented Papa guy) has the solution! His company Booky Wooky allows you to create and modify a book of photos to give to your loved one. I tried it out and it’s class! You can amend the designs and make a book that unique to you. Don’t tell Mammy Poppins but she’s getting one for Christmas.

Booky Wooky Daddy Poppins Christmas Gift Guide

booky wooky example daddy poppins gift guide

You can personalise it any way you want. or choose a handy template and amend it to suit your needs. I really love these!!

An Oil Burner Set, perhaps?

How about a beautifully packaged oil burner set from Holos (another amazing Irish company). Fill your home with the smells of Christmas and relax. OK, you’re a parent, its Christmas, you probably won’t get to relax but the place will smell all ‘Christmassy’ and you can use the burner again and again throughout the year. Maybe you’ll get 5 minutes to actually relax once the kids have been packed off back to school in January.

They also do a selection of candles and award-winning  (it’s becoming a theme isn’t it) natural beauty products and so their website is well worth checking out.

A Coffee Subscription

“Show me a parent that doesn’t love coffee and I’ll show you a parent who isn’t doing it right”     – Daddy Poppins

Did you know you can get coffee through the post? I know, mad isn’t it? The Coffee Brewer by Growers Cup are an excellent company with an ingenious coffee product, a self-brewing coffee bag!! No need for a pot or expensive machine, just pour, wait and pour again.

Hey Presto!! Perfect coffee on the go or at home.

the coffee brewer's advent calendar
25 individual bags of coffee to be enjoyed in the run-up to Christmas

I tested out their advent calendar version (shown above) but they’ve got a huge selection of coffee available on their website. I haven’t had one I didn’t like yet (and I’m a bit of a coffee snob). Their coffees are single estate speciality coffees that have full traceability back to the source, choose from fairtrade options or region. All their coffees are hand roasted in small batches in their own artisan micro-roastery.

What about a little positivity?

Well, seeing as you asked for it, how about the Positivity Planner 2019 from Karen Brown, an excellent gift for the already positive person in your life to grow and develop even more positive habits over the course of the year, or, like me, for the ‘going to give this positivity thing a go’ kinda guy. I can’t see the harm in doing all I can to try to make 2019 as positive a year a possible. So I’m going to get stuck into this planner during the year. It’s full of lovely uplifting quotes and daily exercises to instil the 12 monthly habits in your life. Habits such as;  kindness, forgiveness, decluttering, visualisation, optimism, journaling and meditation.

My wife is always telling me I need to be more mindful and less grumpy, maybe this is the kickstart that I need!

One Yummy Mummy’s Family Food Made Easy

“What? a cookbook? That’s so sexist!!! it’s 2018!!”

“Hey, that’s your assumption, not mine. I love this cookbook and I’m the main chef in this house!! I’d be delighted to get it as a gift”

I was thrilled to have been at the launch of this book to support the award-winning (told you it was a theme) Jolene of One Yummy Mummy.

She’s created a book full of good hearty wholesome food, not that pretentious crap some books do. Any recipe I’ve used from it has gone down a storm, plates have been licked, even by my kids who can be fussy at times. If it wasn’t good I wouldn’t be telling you about it. I think its ace and will usually start my week by picking out something new from it that I’m going to try out. Another major plus point of this book is that the ingredients are simple, you’ll generally have them in your cupboard or fridge, there’s no searching high and low for an ‘ostrich feather’ or ‘duck-billed platypus egg’ to make your dinner. Simple, honest food at a simple honest price.

€20 from Orpen Press or available at all good book stockists. #Bargain. Grab one for you or your better half.

Hold up Hold up!! Do you still do Christmas cards?

Then why not pop over and check out Send Out Cards where you can create custom greeting cards to send to family, friends, neighbours, clients and colleagues this Christmas, New Year and All Year Round. Its handy out, just select from the card catalogue or create your own personalised photo card. And what’s more, your first card is free!! They’re better for the environment and so handy to make. #Sorted #sponsored

send out cards
Just click on the logo above to get started

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  1. Deadly gift guide Benny, great stuff chief. I did an online course with Karen Brown about a month ago and her Positivity Planner looks the business. Jolene’s book is also on my wish list as I love to cook but I have to say the Booky Wooky books look AMAZING (hehehehehe – DISCLAIMER – it’s my company so overwhelmingly biased!!!) but all messing aside, delighted you loved your book and the process and for including us in your gift guide, I seriously appreciate it.

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