I have an Addiction

I have a secret…
that I’d like to confess,
I’m addicted to Wish 
….and AliExpress.
Knock off electronics 
(with Chinese instructions).
If my wife cops on 
there’ll be bloody ructions!
“It’s only 3 euros!”
I’ll say to myself
(if it didn’t gather dust on a shelf)
Oh this one is free! 
I just pay for postage 
And an extra €6 for a plug
(of the right voltage)
You can find a bargain
If you’re prepared to hunt 
And wait for delivery
(Of 2-3 months)
The deliveries come 
..in two, three and four!
I’ve no clue what the postman 
will put through my door
Little brown packages 
with Chinese writing
I’ve forgotten what I’ve ordered
But it’s bloody exciting
I can stop anytime
I’m more than able.
You can never have enough
…Cheap iPhone cables.
Compared to the high street 
you’ll save a packet.
Just Remember ‘Asians are tiny’ 
if you want a new jacket
I’m deleting the apps 
that should stall it.
No more purchases 
from my google wallet. 
Just when I think 
‘I’ve beaten this addiction’
Google ads alert me 
to collectible science fiction. 
I really need to stop 
ordering this shit
Wow! Light up sunglasses
Just one more hit! 

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