Romantic Movies for Men

Yup, you heard me. ROMANTIC COMEDIES FOR MEN!!

First up, I haven’t gone mad. I know they aren’t generally made ‘for men’ but what’s better than some time snuggling on the couch with your special person, proving you can ‘take one for the team’ by watching something romantic in the name of love (and if you can get a few laughs out of it all the better).

So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching its time to do some research or you could be left sitting through the Notebook or some other weepy crap that will end up in you making so many smart comments that you end up ‘taking one for the team’ by sleeping in the spare room (or on the couch).

Not the end game of Valentines you would wish for, I’m guessing.

Firstly, Romantic films, to me, come in 3 specific categories;

1. Absolute tripe made on a tiny budget with the usual ‘stars’

“Ok, the studio wants some cash, let’s round up the usuals and get a vaguely amusing script and drop it in time for Valentine’s Day!”

“Do we want Katherine Heigl or Paul Judd?”

“Or the guy from arrested development and a ‘switch’ of some sort?”

“Sandra Bullock could be good”.

“Nah she’s too expensive these days”.

“Tom Cruise?”

“I said cheap, not weird and expensive!”

“Matthew McConaughey!! The king of rom coms”

“He doesn’t do them anymore! He’s a good actor now. He’s even got an Oscar!”

“Ok, Paul Rudd it is”

“Agreed, let’s gets a team of monkeys working on a script”

“Sure, but make sure they include a single mother and an unobtainable sexy businessman or celebrity”

Obviously, give this section a swerve. Completely.

2. Sentimental tearjerkers:

Some of these are really good at what they do, see ‘Me before you’ (you will cry, you big manly bastard).

And some so contrived, obvious and badly made/acted that you’ll be rolling your eyes till they’re in danger of flying out of their sockets. I’m looking at you P.S. I Love You.

Be warned that choosing the wrong one from this category will lead to an abundance of the wrong kind of tears and potential for ‘how come you don’t love me like that’ type statements. #minefield.

So, with that in mind, we move into the final category…

3. Comedies with a romantic angle

If you want to last the distance (not like that guys!), this is where you should go, just pick which of the following films best suits your relationship dynamic. Hell if the kids are asleep you might even watch 2!! Some of them are excellent (if I do say so myself)

Crazy stupid love: I’d watch this on my own, it’s a great film, plus the eye candy of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will please everyone. The ‘come meet my parents’ scene had me and the missus rolling around laughing, even on our second watch. Ryan Gosling’s character is so on the ball and his on-screen relationship with Steven Carrell is brilliant. Oh and check out his ‘supreme pulling move’ 🤣.

Silver Linings Playbook: Something very different from the others, a striking film about an ‘unusual relationship’ that will make you smile, laugh (and maybe even get ‘dust in your eyes’). The leads, Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper are exceptional, it’s not your typical ‘rom com’. A really good film, for any night, not just Valentines.

How to lose a guy in 10 days:

It’s cheesy, but one of the best of the ‘cheesy variety’, with the supreme ruler of cheesy Rom Coms (that’s Matthew McConaughey by the way) trying to win a bet by winning the heart of the girl (Kate Hudson) while she tries to ‘lose him’ for an angle in her upcoming newspaper article. There’s plenty of ‘Oh you do that moments’ to poke fun at your Valentines date and of course the obvious ‘falling in love’ big romantic finale. She’ll like it, you’ll get by and chuckle a bit. Look, it’s either that or the soaps guys!! No one ever got lucky watching Eastenders.

Groundhog Day: What!? It has a romance plot. Ok, ok, Bill Murray has to see how far he can go with the living the same day over and over angle first. But he spends the time finding out all about Andie MacDowell and even learns to play the piano to impress her. G’wan you know it’s romantic in the end. Did I mention that Bill Murray is in it?

Just go for it: Right, here’s the deal, you have to be able to put up with Adam Sandler. I understand it’s no Happy Gilmore! But if you’re looking for a few laughs and the classic ‘person I really love was my best friend all along’ finale then you won’t go too far wrong. The guy with too much plastic surgery is a high point for me.

Notting Hill: An oldie but a goodie, you can’t watch Love Actually in February after all! The best ‘non Christmas’ british style rom com in my opinion. A real ‘feel good fest’. Alright, Alright! you’ll have to put up with Hugh Grant being all fumbly and ‘Hugh Granty’ but there is Rhys Ifans, just remember that.

Personally, I’d pick the top two (in the last section obviously, you don’t wanna dehydrate yourself from crying or enrage yourself at the atrocious Irish accents and plot, of category one, after all)

But hold up! There is a wildcard choice… one that breaks my classification system in complete and utter pieces..

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It’s not a comedy, it’s not a weepy, it’s just a cracker of a film. A romantic yet thought provoking film staring Jim Carrey (Think ‘Truman show Carrey’ rather than ‘Ace Ventura Carrey’) and Kate Winslet. Let’s call it ‘Indie Sci-Fi Romance’ OK? If you haven’t seen it it’s well worth a watch.

What have I missed out on? What other films could I have included? Let me know in the comments.

Ta Raa

Daddy P.

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  1. Such a great post! 😁
    I’ve only watched Crazy Stupid Love (so funny, kind of love the chemistry between Gosling and Carrell), Me Before You (won’t watch again, too many tears), How To Lose A Guy…, Groundhog Day, and Notting Hill (I’ll watch this every time 😁).

  2. Oh I love Eternal Sunshine, it gets me in the feels!! I hate the idea of being so heartbroken that you want to erase them completely!!! There are some really good choices here too – especially Groundhog Day – love Bill Murray!!! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. Ya see, I’ve watched it. Several times. I can even sing you the kellermans song 😉. I know most men wouldn’t like it. That’s why I made this list. Maybe he’d enjoy crazy sexy love.

  3. Spotless Mind is a quality film, well played there. Never seen Crazy Stupid Love or the Silver Linings Playbook so you could be on to a winner. Cheers! #TriumphantTales

  4. Some great films here. I’m not ashamed to say that Crazy Stupid Love is one of my favorite films, right up there with more manly fare like Tombstone, Fight Club, ect. Eternal Sunshine is a brilliant film as well, I haven’t watched that one in a while, might need to dust off the old DVD #dreamteam

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